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Stephanie Davis has 3D Lipo to Tighten Her Post-Baby Tummy

Posted on 02/03/2017

Ex Hollyoaks actress Stephanie Davis told Mirror Celebs that is loving life as a mum with her newborn son. However after not recognising herself in the mirror, she has started a course of 3D Lipo treatments to tighten and tone her stomach.

Stephanie Davis 3D Lipo

“I’m proud of what my body achieved and creating that little miracle. That’s not what I wanted to do, go down that surgical route. 3D Lipo is non surgical and non invasive. I have eight sessions of it booked and have done one already” says Stephanie.

“It’s a bit of time for myself as well. It’s not what people think it is. You get gel on your tummy like you’re having an ultrasound, and it’s basically like getting a nice tummy massage!”

She added: “I’m doing it for me and no one else. I’m proud of my body.”

We are thrilled at the constant positive comments and press articles relating to 3D Lipo. Many celebrities are seeing the benefits!


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