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Wart / Skin Tag Removal

All wrinkle relaxing treatments are carried out by Dr Chambers, NHS Gloucestershire CCG and are available once a month. For appointment availabilities please call Megan on 01242 374595.

During your appointment you will be seen by the Doctor for a full consultation before treatment is carried out. All treatments are completely safe and are carried out with the highest professional standards.

Wart and Skin Tag Removal Cheltenham

Wart and Verruca Removal
This process is carried out with a Cryotherapy treatment. Cryotherapy involves freezing the targeted wart or verruca with a very cold substance (usually liquid nitrogen). The application takes less than one minute. 50% of the time the wart or verruca is gone with 1 treatment. However, two or more treatments may be required to remove it completely.

Skin Tag Removal
As skin tags are considered an aesthetic problem, doctor surgeries are reluctant to remove then. During a skin tag excision at 3D Lipo Clinic, the skin tag is removed quickly safely with instant results. The surrounding area of skin will be numbed to ensure minimal pain and discomfort.

Cryotherapy – Warts / Verruca Removal: £100.00
Skin Tag Excision: £125.00 (up to 5 skin tags)