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Botox for the Treatment of Painful Conditions

All treatments are performed by our specialist doctor. He is fully registered with the General Medical Council with a licence to practice and is on the specialist register. He is qualified MB,BCh. FRCA, FFPMRCA and has 20 years experience of treating chronic painful conditions and 15 years experience of cosmetic injections.


How Does It Work?

Botox is licensed for the treatment of migraine headaches. Various studies have shown it to be effective in reducing the frequency, severity and duration of attacks in up to 85% of patients. It works by reducing the tension in the muscles injected, but also by preventing the release of chemicals from nerve endings called “pain mediators”. There is also significant evidence that it can give pain relief in a variety of other painful conditions, including back pain, neck pain, nerve pain, dystonia and spasticity, although Botox is not licensed for these conditions.


Consultation – £120

Consultations are available with our doctor who is a specialist in chronic pain treatment. Consultation without treatment is £120. Full information will be given during consultation on treatment options, any relevant aftercare and likely results. Botox, if used, will be charged on the basis of dose required.

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